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Song Suggestions - Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance is the start of the celebration and sets the stage of what's to come later on in the reception. The grand entrance song should be fun, high energy, familiar/popular and align with your personalities.

Check out my Spotify playlists for grand entrance song ideas:

Three fun ways for a Grand Entrance:

1. A Flash Mob Entrance with Wedding Party

A choreographed dance with your wedding party is bound to set the energy and having your guests talking about the entrance for years.

2. A Wedding Party Tunnel

A fun way to bring in the bride and groom. A human tunnel is made by the wedding party and when the bride and groom are introduced they run through the tunnel to a standing ovation by their guests.

3. Cold Spark Fountain

Make an entrance with a big spark, followed by the wow's, ooo's and ahh's! Cold spark fountains are set off when you make your grand entrance. They are very photogenic as well as a crowd pleaser.

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