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First Dance Songs That You Didn't Think About

Is it me or did 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran was played at every wedding. Ok, Ok, not every wedding but it sure felt like it did!. Great song but how about a first dance song that isn't overplayed!

Choosing a first dance song is a challenge in itself but choosing a first dance song that hasn’t been used at a hundred other weddings is damn near impossible! When it comes to selecting the best song for your first dance, consider songs that you connect with as individuals and as a couple (even if it means picking a song that has been overplayed). It's Ok to set your first dance apart from everyone else’s by choosing a song that is underrated or is a little more under-the-radar.

If you can't decide on a song or want something unique check out the songs I have compiled in my Spotify playlist.

There are tons of unique first dance songs out there. If you didn't find anything that you connect with in this playlist, I hope you at least feel a little more inspired to get creative in your quest for that perfect unique first dance song.

Share your ideas/suggestions in the comments. If you got good ones, I'll add it to the playlist!.

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