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First Dance Lighting & Highlights

Flashing colored lights and lasers are all meant to enhance the party atmosphere when the dancing starts. They are not meant to be used during the special moments like your first dance or parent dances. Photographers have a difficult time trying to remove the spots from your face and dress.

Avoid your DJ using lasers, flashing, strobing, or colored dance floor lighting. You can choose to use spotlighting or just the house lighting.

Here are a few enhancements you can consider to highlight your first dance:

  1. Spotlight - spotlights are used to make your dance a focal point. Always have your DJ check with the photographer first about using spotlights.

  2. Sparkler Fountains - adds a WOW factor with sparks shooting up in the air as you dance for the first time.

  3. Dancing on the Clouds - a fog effect is created across the floor which looks like you're dancing on clouds.

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